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The Sisterhood

Women Bound Together

You, my friend, are part of a special group!  You are a part of the Sisterhood.  As WOMEN, we are bound by our mutual experiences both individually and collectively.  While we are all different, we also share similar struggles and enjoy a different support system than our male counterparts. 

Allow me to introduce The WFS SISTERHOOD - a special monthly program specifically designed for women by women.  The Fourth Tuesday of every month, the sisters will meet from 6 - 7 pm to discuss important topics.  It will include both financial and NON-financial topics like health and wellness, life insurance, budgeting, caring for aging parents, etc.

Because our first priority is to help take care of each other, The WFS Sisterhood is designed to be collaborative and introduce you to people and skills to HELP you succeed - financially, personally, and spiritually.  Share the WFS SISTERHOOD with others and invite your friends, neighbors, and sisters! 

Check out our Events tab for the most up to date information about our next meeting. 

Join the Sisterhood?

By joining the Sisterhood, we'll share information that impacts the financial security of women. We'll send along valuable email, podcasts, blogs and invite you to events geared toward the lives of women and what our passions are. Whether married, single, divorced, widowed, young or old, you are a WOMAN and have a unique perspective on this crazy world around us!  Come share it with us.  Will you be a panelist?  What topics are you willing to share? 

Thank you!

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