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Financial Planning For Women

We Do The Hard Work For You

As women, often times our hardest job is to focus on ourselves.  With the multitude of responsibilities we have, taking care of young children or parents, the household, our jobs, the bills. . .  goodness, the day gets eaten up pretty quickly!  Sometimes, though, the most important thing we can do is take a step BACK from the busy-ness and focus on the most important thing -- YOU and the future you and your family deserve.    

At Waterman Financial Services, we help you do the heavy lifting.  With easy to understand financial planning tools, we jointly establish solid steps to help you create a beautiful future. Whether you are happily married or newly divorced or widowed, contemplating retirement or just starting out, establishing a financial plan and strategy is the best thing you can do to help solidify a solid financial future. 

As women ourselves, we can honestly say we walk in your shoes!  As qualified women with credentials, we can also also say we have the skillset, tools, and purposeful strategic focus to help you pursue your best future. 

Our first priority is to learn more about you!  We help identify your needs, dreams and goals and the resources you have available.  While having "more" may seem like a plan, actually establishing a solid financial plan includes identifiable steps and strategies to get you on the road to success!  Working openly and with honest dialogue helps ensure the potential for our best outcomes and is a tenet of our business model. 

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