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Your Financial Success Is Our Goal

At Waterman Financial Services, our MISSION is to offer personalized financial guidance in a comfortable, non-threatening, non-judgemental environment.  Period.  Nothing fancy. 

  • We HELP you understand what you have. 
  • We HELP you understand how to establish and pursue financial goals.
  • We HELP you establish a financial plan for your future. 
  • We HELP you understand what tools may make your financial road brighter.
  • We HELP you obtain financial products that may make your financial path easier, cheaper or more efficient. 
  • We HELP you know how each part fits into your overall wealth and retirement plan. 

Our MISSION is to do what is in your best interest, all the time, every time, helping you pursue financial success. 

As an independent financial advisory firm, Waterman Financial Services is able to offer you quality products and services, top tier portfolio management and strategic, customized financial planning.